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Custom Publishing

Custom Publishing

Publishing Solutions

Medium to large businesses, organisations and government departments enlist Fontaine Press to produce quality bespoke digital & print publishing solutions for inhouse products & client promotionals. Contact us today.

Case Study A
Centre Pompidou Books

Australian National Multicultural Press has been cooporating with Centre Pompidou to publish books to introduce the world artists, exhibitions and conferences since 1969. The artwork collection of Alexander Calder from 1926 to 1933, Kandinsky are designed and printed in 2009 by Australian National Multicultural Press, full colour in hardback format, successfully published in a short timeframe and strict deadline, within a unique and challenging communication environment.


Case Study B
Cultural Heritage Protecting Program of UNESCO

Considering the importance of the intangible cultural heritage as a mainspring of cultural diversity and a guarantee of sustainable development, Australian National Multicultural Press is working with United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organizition for safeguarding the world cultural heritage. Conceived for ICH professionals, national delegations, national commissions, colleagues within UNESCO and other UN agencies, NGOs, private partners and other actors from civil society, The Report of Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity is custom published and updated by Australian National Multicultural Press annually, which is full colour in both hardback and disc formats.

Australian National Multicultural Press is expecting to custom publish any formats of media for businesses, organisations and governments for achieving various goals successfully.

Clinents Include:

European Union
Republique Francaise
Pompidou Centre
Australian National Multicultural Press
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