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Reviving and Safeguarding Intangible Traditional Culture: A case study in the use of game technology to revive and safeguard Beijing Opera

by Hongkun Wang
   Price $ 19.95
About the Book   
This book investigates how the intangible cultural heritage of Beijing Opera can be sustained into the future. It is argued that the popular appeal of electronic games can be exploited to seed future interest in Beijing Opera. This research project proposes a design concept for an electronic game based on Beijing Opera. Measures taken by selected countries on safeguarding the intangible cultural heritage are discussed, and the tri-relationships among intangible cultural transmission, children and electronic games are explored to prove that electronic games can be utilized as an efficient tool to transmit and safeguard traditional intangible cultural heritages. Surveys conducted as part of this research showed positive results. As many countries encounter the same problem of how to preserve their traditional cultural heritage, this research addresses a global issue of immediate significance.
Publication Year    2010
Edition    1st
Publisher    Australian National Multicultural Press
ISBN11    978-0980470024
Format    Paper
Pages    190

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